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1968 Ford Color Codes - Fairlane Paint Cross-Reference
 manuf: Fordmodel: Fairlaneyear: 1968

found 15 paint color chips with a year of 1968, manufacturer of "Ford", model of "Fairlane"

Fairlane paint collections:   yellow   red   blue   green   black   white   orange   gold   silver   brown   gray   pink   purple  

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image [year] make model paint color name code sample Ford code GM code Chrysler code Ditzler PPG Dupont Acme Rogers RM BASF Martin Senour Sherwin Williams comment
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Pebble Beige 6  C     X    M1631 DT6166 22249 4489L, 4489, 93-96932 9353 A1635, E1635, 1635 1534 8627
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Raven Black A  C     X    M1724 WA0848 DT4004 9000, 9300 88, 44, 93-005 3000, 75 A946, P403 8800 1738, 40423
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Royal Maroon B  C     X    M3059 DT3034 50746 4864LM, 4864H, 4864DM 5459 A1941F, E1941F 1752 2689
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Gulfstream Aqua F  C     X    M3065 DT8816 13329 4868LH, 4868, 4868D 5462 A1942, E1942 1754 2692
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Lime Gold I  C     X    M2041 43576 4790L, 4790, 4790D 5264 A1882, E1882 1689 2578
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Wimbledon White M  C     X    M1619 DT1430 8378, 8734 4775L, 4775, 4775D 9343 A1633, E1633 1528 8618
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Diamond Blue N  C     X    M0921 DT8875 11683 4950L, 4950, 4950D 8530 A1238, E1238 1751 1668
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Seafoam Green O  C     X    M2040 43529 4789L, 4789, 4789D 5259 A1885, E1885 1692 1692, 2574
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Brittany Blue Q  C     X    M1624 13619 4951L, 4951, 4951D 5567 A1643, E1643 Brittany Blue #3
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Highland Green R  C     X    M3067 43644 4869L, 4869, 4869D 5463 A1946, E1946D 1755 2693
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Candy Apple Red T  C     X    M2008 DT3364 71528 4737LH, 4737H, 93-97902M 5056 A1782R, E1782R 1637 2470, 30644
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Tahoe Turquoise U  C     X    M1070 12745 4876L, 4876, 4876D 8742 A1231, E1231 1375 1791 Tahoe Turquoise #2
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Meadowlark Yellow W  C     X    M3120 81584 4878LH, 4878, 4878D 5467 A1949, E1949D 1757 32783
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Presidential Blue X  C     X    M3061 13356 4866L, 4866, 4866D 5460 A1950, E1950D 1653 2690
G B Y 1968 Ford Fairlane Sunlit Gold Y  C     X    M3073 22833 4874L, 4874, 8474D 5454 A1951, E1951D 1756 3064
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