PPG code 43907 - green
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(British Racing Green : Jaguar : 1955 - 1970)
At we have records of this paint for over 15 years of use.

This green automotive paint color is most commonly known as British Racing Green. The color formulation has been used between 1955 and 1970, primarily by Jaguar. See the full detailed list below.

43907 is a paint code for PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) who has been providing automotive paints since 1924 (originally Ditzler Color Company subsidiary acquired in 1928). PPG/Ditzler codes from 10000 to 95000 were used on new paint formulations starting in the late 1930's and extending to around 1968. PPG/Ditzler codes in the 40000 to 49999 range are primarily shades of green. These PPG codes serve as a great way to track the usage of paint between and within vehicle manufacturers.

Example of the color PPG 43907
PPG code 43907 - green
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Usage list of PPG paint code 43907 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
1955Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1956Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1957Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1958Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1959Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1960Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1961Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1962Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1963Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1964Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1965Jaguar2539British Racing Green
1966Jaguar5038British Racing Green
1967Jaguar5038British Racing Green
1968Jaguar5038British Racing Green
1969Jaguar5038British Racing Green
1970Jaguar5038British Racing Green

Paint Manufacturer Codes
Make/Year Code : 2539, 5038
PPG/Ditzler : 43907
Dupont : 8542, 27265
Sherwin Williams : 8542, 6871

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