PPG code 5826 - silver gray
This silver gray automotive paint color is most commonly known as Silver Birch. Another common paint color promotional name is Platinum Silver. The color formulation has been used between 2002 and 2019, primarily by Ford; but also by Lincoln. We have records of this color appearing on the following models: Lincoln, Crown Victoria, Ford Truck, Explorer, Town Car, Expedition, Navigator, LS8, LS6, Excursion, Aviator, Freestar, Freestyle, MKZ, LS, Five Hundred, Thunderbird, Fusion, Taurus, Zephyr, Econoline, Continental, and Ford Special Order / Fleet. See the full detailed list below.

5826 is a paint code for PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) who has been providing automotive paints since 1924 (originally Ditzler Color Company subsidiary acquired in 1928). PPG/Ditzler codes in the 2000 to 9990 range were primarily used on new paint formulations from 1969 to 2003. They serve as a great way to track the usage of paint.

Example of the color PPG 5826
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Usage list of PPG paint code 5826 (more information)
yearmakemodelcodepaint namecomment
2002FordJPSilver Birch
2002FordExcursionJPSilver Birch
2002FordExplorerJPSilver BirchExplorer Sport Trac
2002FordFord TruckJPSilver BirchExcursion Explorer
2002LincolnAviatorJPSilver Birch
2002LincolnContinentalJPSilver Birch
2002LincolnLincolnJPSilver BirchAviator Continental LS6 LS8
2002LincolnLS6JPSilver Birch
2002LincolnLS8JPSilver Birch
2003FordJPSilver Birch
2003FordEconolineJPSilver Birch
2003FordExcursionJPSilver Birch
2003FordExpeditionJPSilver Birch
2003FordExplorerJPSilver BirchExplorer Sport Trac
2003FordFord TruckJPSilver BirchEconoline Excursion Expedition Explorer
2003LincolnLincolnJP,HVSilver BirchLS8 LS6 Navigator
2003LincolnLS6JP,HVSilver Birch
2003LincolnLS8JP,HVSilver Birch
2003LincolnNavigatorJP,HVSilver Birch
2004FordJPSilver Birch
2004FordCrown VictoriaJPSilver Birch
2004FordExcursionJPSilver Birch
2004FordExpeditionJPSilver Birch
2004FordExplorerJPSilver BirchExplorer Sport Trac
2004FordFord TruckJPSilver BirchExcursion Expedition Explorer Freestar
2004FordFreestarJPSilver Birch
2004FordThunderbirdJPPlatinum Silver
2004LincolnAviatorJPSilver Birch
2004LincolnLincolnJPSilver BirchAviator LS6 LS8 Navigator
2004LincolnLS6JPSilver Birch
2004LincolnLS8JPSilver Birch
2004LincolnNavigatorJPSilver Birch
2005FordJPSilver Birch
2005FordCrown VictoriaJPSilver Birch
2005FordExcursionJPSilver Birch
2005FordExpeditionJPSilver Birch
2005FordExplorerJPSilver BirchExplorer Sport Trac
2005FordFord TruckJPSilver BirchExcursion Expedition Explorer Freestar
2005FordFreestarJPSilver Birch
2005FordThunderbirdJPPlatinum Silver
2005LincolnAviatorJP,HVSilver Birch
2005LincolnLincolnJP,HVSilver BirchAviator LS LS6 LS8 Navigator Town Car
2005LincolnLSJP,HVSilver Birch
2005LincolnLS6JP,HVSilver Birch
2005LincolnLS8JP,HVSilver Birch
2005LincolnNavigatorJP,HVSilver Birch
2005LincolnTown CarJP,HVSilver Birch
2006FordJPSilver Birch
2006FordCrown VictoriaJPSilver Birch
2006FordExpeditionJPSilver Birch
2006FordExplorerJPSilver BirchExplorer Sport Trac
2006FordFive HundredJPSilver Birch
2006FordFord TruckJPSilver BirchExpedition Explorer Freestar
2006FordFreestarJPSilver Birch
2006FordFreestyleJPSilver Birch
2006LincolnAviatorJP,HVSilver Birch
2006LincolnLincolnJP,HVSilver BirchAviator LS Navigator Town Car
2006LincolnLSJP,HVSilver Birch
2006LincolnNavigatorJP,HVSilver Birch
2006LincolnTown CarJP,HVSilver Birch
2007FordJPSilver Birch
2007FordCrown VictoriaJPSilver Birch
2007FordExpeditionJPSilver Birch
2007FordExplorerJPSilver BirchExplorer Sport Trac
2007FordFive HundredJPSilver Birch
2007FordFord TruckJPSilver BirchExpedition Explorer
2007FordFreestyleJPSilver Birch
2007FordFusionJPSilver Birch
2007LincolnLincolnJPSilver BirchMKZ Navigator Town Car Zephyr
2007LincolnMKZJPSilver Birch
2007LincolnNavigatorJPSilver Birch
2007LincolnTown CarJPSilver Birch
2007LincolnZephyrJPSilver Birch
2008FordJPSilver Birch
2008FordCrown VictoriaJPSilver Birch
2008FordExplorerJPSilver BirchExplorer Sport Trac
2008FordFord TruckJPSilver BirchExplorer
2008FordFusionJPSilver Birch
2008FordTaurusJPSilver BirchTaurus X
2008LincolnLincolnJPSilver BirchMKZ Town Car
2008LincolnMKZJPSilver Birch
2008LincolnTown CarJPSilver Birch
2009FordJPSilver Birch
2009FordCrown VictoriaJPSilver Birch
2009LincolnLincolnJPSilver BirchTown Car
2009LincolnTown CarJPSilver Birch
2010FordJPSilver Birch
2010FordCrown VictoriaJPSilver Birch
2010LincolnLincolnJPSilver BirchTown Car
2010LincolnTown CarJPSilver Birch
2011FordJPSilver Birch
2011FordCrown VictoriaJPSilver Birch
2011LincolnLincolnJPSilver BirchTown Car
2011LincolnTown CarJPSilver Birch
2019FordFleetJPSilver Birch

Paint Manufacturer Codes
PPG/Ditzler : 5826
Dupont : M9374
Sherwin Williams : 62387

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