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1981 Ford Mustang Spec Explorer
The 1981 Mustang saw mainly refinements to its options list as well as an over 20% increase in price across the board. The turbocharged four-cylinder was dropped, a five-speed manual overdrive gear box was offered, a Tracktion-Lok rear axle was new as well as a T-roof, reclining bucket seats, and power windows. As in 1980, the two main option packages included the Ghia and Cobra. This was the last year for the Cobra option package priced in 1981 at $1588 and came with 190/65R-390 TRX tires, forged metric aluminum wheels, a 8000rpm tachometer, two tone paint, Cobra tape treatment, hood scoop, sport exhaust, dual black sport mirrors, black bumper guards, dual accent stripe body side moldings, and black moldings around the windows. A Cobra package taping delete option existed to save $65 but the special, large Cobra hood decal was an additional $95 option. A special sports package was offered which upgraded the engine, exhaust, blackout treatment, and added hatchback louvers or rag carriage coup top. An economically priced "S" model coupe package same with limited trim options. Two tone paint options continued but most required a black lower color except for Medium Pewter over Light Pewter, Red over White, and White over Bittersweet.

Example of a Mustang from 1981
Sales Brochure cover
1981 Mustang Sales Brochure pages (click on to view)

The cover of the 16 page 1981 Ford Mustang promotional booklet shows a Bright Bittersweet T-top Mustang. The theme of this brochure is film which is featured on most pages.

Available 1981 Mustang exterior paint colors

1981 Engines
code   engine  
A 86hp 140ci (2.3L) standard 4-cylinder
B 94hp 200ci (3.3L) optional 6-cylinder
D 115hp 256ci (4.2L) optional V8
Styles, Models & Special Editions
Coupe & Hatchback
Mustang Ghia
Mustang Cobra

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